The Casa Munno dogs on TV programs

Videos and photos of celebrities with puppies Casa Munno updated at 12/11/2018

Our Saint Bernard dogs were rewarded in many international events. With us you will always find new puppies.

Vip e cuccioli di San Bernardo
Our puppies with show business stars and Ferdinand Munno in the television program of the Rai Dog Factor

On this page you will find some pictures on TV programs or TV stars.

The CH. Tiago videos for Expo 2015

CH. Tiago di Casa Munno has become a star for Milano Expo 2015. CH. Tiago di Casa Munno was in fact, lead actor for Switzerland.
With this video, Switzerland presented its own pavilion at the expo.

Tiago protagonista di un video per Expo 2015
Image taken from video with CH. Tiago di Casa Munno.

The Ofelia victory on TV

Our dog Ofelia di Casa Munno and Ferdinand perform on TV. The mission of Ofelia di Casa Munno was to try the package containing sausages.

Ferdinando e Ofelia a Dog Factor
Ofelia di Casa Munno with the breeder Ferdinando, try the box with the sausages.

Ferdinando Munno back to Cronache Animali

Ferdinand, owner of Breeding Casa Munno, back on TV to talk about the Saint Bernard dog.
CH. Tiago di Casa Munno, the world champion, accompanies him.

Ferdinando e Tiago di Casa Munno in Rai
CH. Tiago, the world champion, accompanies Ferdinando Munno.

Tutti adorano i cuccioli di San Bernardo
Some celebrities who love puppies of San Bernardo: Maurizio Mattioli, Antonella Clerici and Massimo Ciavarro.