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Having a Saint Bernard puppy dog ​​is a beautiful experience.
This dog has a docile and friendly character: it is perfect for the whole family.

We relive the initial experience of Ferdinando Munno, now owner of one of the San Bernardo dog breeding farms.

My first St. Bernard dog

It all started in 1985, when I had the opportunity to observe a St. Bernard dog.
After collecting informations about this breed on journals and specialized magazines, I realized that I really wanted one of those dogs. I decided then to contact a breeder, who looked very serious and qualified, and I went to visit his breeding kennel in order to have a look at his new puppies.

Sweet puppies

Those puppies were so sweet that the enthusiasm didn’t make me notice some details that my later experience wouldn’t have me miss it.
So I took Terence, my puppy, home. During its first year I had to cure him many times because of the rickets and the cough.

The Italian breed

After a year I took him to a dog exhibition and there someone made me notice that my dog didn’t belong to the European type(although my seller assure me that it had a pedigree).
So I had the chance to gain more knowledge about the differences between a true St. Bernard and hungarian St. Bernard.

Serious breeders

Later I participated to an exhibition of ENCI in Naples to deepen this topic and to meet serious breeders.
This bad experience fortunately didn’t ruin my passion for this beautiful breed, so I gave my first dog and bought two purebred Saint Bernard.

Ferdinando Munno

Discover the Puppies!