The San Bernardo Dogs of the Casa Munno breeding
Giant sweets from the Alps


Watch the sweet litters of the Casa Munno breeding.


Our dogs Saint Bernard national and international champions.

Television appearances

Our Saint Bernard dogs are protagonists of programs, promotional events and TV series.

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Where we are
To reach us is very easy

At Casa Munno Dogs Breeding, in Roccasecca (Frosinone), litters are always available.
You can reserve your puppy St. Bernard by calling 339 4544577 or contact us via mail.

Address: Via Montello, 46 - 03038 Roccasecca, Frosinone (Italy).

Casa Munno Dogs Breeding

Roccasecca (Frosinone)
Lazio - Italy
Via Montello, 46.
Tel: +39 339 4544577